Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Introducing our new "history rich" uniform

We absolutely love our 2019 uniforms!

A huge thank you to Cheryl and the team at Dyenamic Sublimation for all their help producing them!

Have you noticed the lines on them?

You may have seen them, but may not know that they represent the club's premierships! As a way of recognising and incorporating our previously named clubs - Southside Sparks and South East Demons, the lines represent the 12 premierships we had with Sparks and the 7 premierships we had with South East Demons!

Lots of blood, sweat and tears symbolised on a uniform that our current players have the privilege of taking on court with them each game.All the best to everyone taking the court tonight for WANL Round 3!

#southsidedemonsnetballclub #wanl2019 #unityrespectpassion

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