Wix App Notifications

We have been really busy updating our website following the few months of uncertainty caused by Covid-19.

You may have received a fair amount of notifications from our Wix Mobile App, advising you of the latest updates. These will become less frequent in the future, now that only minor updates will be required.

If you wish to turn off these notifications, please follow the following steps to do with Managing Your Wix Mobile App Notification Settings. They can be turned off, just like you would for Facebook notifications.

The Wix mobile app sends a push notification to your phone with any activity that happens on the website.

To manage your notifications:

  • Open the Wix mobile app

  • Tap the Me icon from the bottom menu

  • Tap Notification Settings

  • Tap the relevant place

  • Tap the Allow Notifications toggle to enable or disable notifications for this place

  • (If enabled) Tap the toggles next to each app to enable or disable their notifications.

Tip: When disabling your notifications, you can choose whether to pause them for a specific time frame or turn them off permanently.

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